Fitness Expo highlights local talent

Valley Leisure has evidence of tremendous talent being identified and nurtured at the Andover Leisure Centre. A key initiative for unlocking local talent in this area has been the introduction of an annual Fitness Expo that was introduced in 2013. The Expo is open to members of different age groups and this year saw 30 competitors aged from early 20’s through to their 50’s competing in the various disciplines. The event consists of a Fitness Challenge, Body Building and Power Lifting.


Merlin gets a brand new kingdom

Merlin's Kingdom, the children's indoor play centre at Andover Leisure Centre, has had a £45,000 makeover to become an even better place to play, particularly for the under 5s.

As part of the refit, the soft play equipment and the café seating area has been refreshed and modernised.


The brave rebuilding of beautiful bodies

Bodybuilding is often thought to be an activity only enjoyed by the ultra-fit and super-honed. But the Expo held at the Andover Leisure Centre recently revealed - for some - there is much more to it than the mere desire to show off a washboard stomach and rock hard guns.

The Expo is held annually by the leisure centre to give members a challenge to aim for and the chance to highlight their progress in the gym.


New cancer recovery support at Andover Leisure Centre

Fighting to overcome or living with cancer brings enormous challenges. But people can now get extra advice and support on how to exercise during treatment and recovery from a newly trained advisor at Andover Leisure Centre.

Today exercise is considered an essential part of everyday life, even for people affected by cancer.


Give back pain the elbow at new leisure centre course

Back pain is being given the elbow at two new 'Back to Fitness' courses at Andover Leisure Centre.

The leisure centre has a long history of helping people with back pain.


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