Andover leisure centre puts best step forward on fitness day

Sep 21, 2016 | News


Andover leisure centre puts best step forward on fitness day

Sep 21, 2016 | News

Fitness is, as you’d expect, a daily focus at Andover Leisure Centre. But Managers are encouraging their own teams to do even more with a new initiative launched on National Fitness Day.

Valley Leisure staff at the Andover centre – and its sister sites, which includes Charlton Lakeside – have been handed a bit of healthy competition and free, new personal pedometers to help get them fitter and more active.

“Although our teams support local people day-in, day-out to improve their health and fitness, some of our teams, especially if they’re office based, feel that they do less than they should as their job is more desk based,” said Mark Raithby, Physical Activity Manager, Valley Leisure.

“This new initiative aligns with a new customer campaign launching in October, that educates the community on the government guidelines which encourage people to ‘Sit Less and move More’. We want everyone to feel the benefits that being active can bring, and where best to start than on your doorstep.”

All Valley Leisure staff have been given a pedometer so they can measure every step they take and know where they are on daily targets.

Some of the staff are also taking part in the 22-day press up challenge and relay swimming activities.

The Valley Leisure staff initiatives were launched on National Fitness Day, which is run by UK Active and supported by Argos.

The nationwide event is organised to raise the profile of physical activity and the role it plays in increasing the health of people across the UK.

Valley Leisure is the charitable trust that runs the main leisure sites in Test Valley on behalf of Test Valley Borough Council.

It employs some 300 people and supports local people who make more than 1million visits to the leisure sites each year.