Andover’s golden oldies dancing back to fitness

Apr 26, 2016 | News


Andover’s golden oldies dancing back to fitness

Apr 26, 2016 | News

A new exercise class aimed at reintroducing older and inactive people into light activity has started in Andover.

About 50 older and less active people joined in the free Zumba® Gold Toning launch taster class at Andover Leisure Centre and did 40 minutes of salsa, squats and even air guitar.

The event marked the second phase of the Move More with Zumba® Fitness programme which is funded by Sport England, Sporta, Zumba® Fitness LLC, and Sport Hampshire Isle of Wight and delivered by leisure trust, Valley Leisure in Test Valley.

Test Valley Mayor, Iris Anderson and her consort, husband and fellow Test Valley borough councillor, John Cockaday, both joined in the group activity.

Iris said: “This was an absolutely great event. It was a good exercise and I felt that it was very easy to do.

“The room was buzzing with a good feeling and everybody was happy and talking to everybody after the event,” she said.

The dancers were treated to the taster session for free and Adi Phillips, from Public Health England, also shared tips about maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle in later life and the explained the importance of staying active by attending classes such as Zumba® Gold Toning.

“Because Zumba® Gold Toning is a low intensity class, it allows people to move at their own pace and apply the amount of effort that they are comfortable with,” said Liz Murray, Valley Leisure’s community manager.

“The light weights used make these classes great for improving muscle strength, which in turn helps those who are older or less active to do simple everyday tasks, such as gardening, or even opening jars,” Liz added.

More Zumba® Gold Toning sessions are now running at Andover Leisure Centre and at other venues across the Test Valley. See for the full timetable.