The Adventure Begins…

Feb 7, 2020 | News


The Adventure Begins…

Feb 7, 2020 | News


It’s a dark, gloomy, miserable winter’s day in December 2019. The I Can Therapy Centre is buzzing with positivity and joy led by Ann, Jayne and Sam with unsuspecting Centre users being roped into completing Jayne’s fun filled Christmas advent challenge.

A firm challenge favourite being ‘how quickly can you put on and take off a Christmas jumper’!? The record being set by Jayne herself at 6 seconds!

Into ‘I Can’ strides Mr Chris Lynn, former Mayor of Test Valley, I Can Therapy Centre member and supporter since the very beginning and Fundraising Coordinator for The Rotary Club of Andover.

“Ladies, we’ve had a great idea to raise funds for local charities… the three peaks challenge… would you like to do it?

And, without a moment’s hesitation to find out more or stop and think, Ann, Sam and Jayne shout out a unanimous ‘YES’!

‘I Can Climb’ is established with its first three members of the team signed up and ready to support fundraising for 6 local charities including Andover Rotary, Valley Leisure with funds going towards the development of the I Can Therapy Centre, Andover Neighbourcare, Andover Young Carers, Riding for the Disabled and Unity.

A week or two later, Liz is happily in a world of her own as usual doing some grocery shopping, when who should she bump into but Chris and his wife Frances!

“Liz” he cries out, “We’re organising a 3 Peaks challenge event raising funds for I Can. Ann, Sam and Jayne are signed up, would you like to do it?”

Yet again the response is resoundingly positive with Liz shouting out “YES, count me in!” The team now has 4 members!

On returning to Valley Leisure’s charitable HQ at Riverside Bowl in Andover, a deep conversation ensues between Liz and Nicki, two of Valley Leisure’s Senior Managers. Nicki shares with Liz that she’s been inspired and motivated to do the challenge too after chatting to Ann, her friend of 30 years. And before long… you guessed it, Nicki is a confirmed YES to the challenge!

That makes an all-female team of 5 committed to tackle the challenge of the Three Peaks as quickly as possible over a weekend in July 2020!