The Toning Centre at The Rapids in Romsey, which is specially designed as a lighter alternative to the gym, has marked its first birthday with a celebration of the benefits of exercise for everyone, no matter how many birthdays you have under your belt.

Recent research has revealed that people who do three hours of exercise a week live around five years longer than more sedentary people and toning centre staff shared this news with new and old customers who have come to a series of birthday events.

Mandy Giddings, toning co-ordinator at The Rapids, said: “The benefits of exercise are backed up by report after report. But some people are put off because they can’t find just the right activities for their fitness and mobility.

“The great thing about the toning centre, however, is that it’s suitable for almost anyone who wants to improve their fitness and mobility and it’s a fun and social environment too.”


The centre allows people to exercise in a lighter way. Its power-assisted equipment means people can put as much – or as little – pressure or effort into the exercise as they can manage.


Other activities organised to mark the centre’s first birthday included celebratory cakes for visitors designed by Chris Baker, one of the centre members. There was also a staff party and Sally Grahamsley, the centre’s very first customer from May last year, was given a surprise bouquet of flowers.


From the first day Sally has been a regular. She said: “I love the social aspect of the toning centre, exercising at the same time is just an added bonus.” She goes to the toning centre twice a week and does an Aqua Fit class too, completing the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week for adults aged 19 to 64.


People can book a free trial at the toning centre by calling 01794 835568 or sending an email to: