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NEW outdoor bootcamp class

Enjoy the great outdoors this summer whilst keeping fit.

Join our new bootcamp class on Thursday from 18:30 - 19:30 at Charlton Lakeside. 


This Girl Can stand up and paddle

As the sports and activities co-ordinator at Romsey Rapids Sports Complex, Sue Perkins is used to getting her feet wet. But she’s taken her relationship with water to a whole new level with an unusual personal challenge, which saw her paddling her way around a tiny picturesque island off the Devonshire coast.

Sue, who’s 55 and has worked at the Rapids for 17 years, has achieved a new high by paddle boarding (that’s standing up and steering a raft like platform with a long oar) around Burgh Island, a tidal island which gets cut off from the mainland when the tide comes in.


Pink ladies go from Romsey toning centre to 5K adventure

Romsey Rapids Sports Complex members, staff and friends swapped the more sedate surroundings of the centre’s toning tables for a 5K run to raise money for Cancer Research.

The group of 14 women joined 6,000 others in the Race for Life in Southampton recently and raised almost £1,000 for charity, much more than they had expected.

The Rapids’ Toning Centre is a gentler alternative to the gym and is designed to help people with mobility issues move into regular exercise. The women accepted the challenge to complete the 5K race, no matter how long it took.