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Love your heart with a new Healthy Heart class at Andover Leisure Centre

A new ‘healthy hearts’ exercise programme has been launched by Andover Leisure Centre to help people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.  The classes, which are part of the new Valley Leisure Every Body Active scheme - that aims to get everybody exercising, no matter what their physical challenges - are also useful for people who are overweight and obese.


Creating the next generation of super citizens

Teenagers from Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester are taking part in a national programme aimed at making them more confident and better citizens.  Across the country, the National Citizen Service (NCS) is giving 16 and 17-year-olds the chance to grow in confidence, help charities and the wider community, and experience living away from home.


Andover Leisure Centre follows carnival yellow brick road to fitness

Dorothy, her red shoes and her friends from Oz, will be taking part in the Andover carnival on Sunday to encourage more people to follow the yellow brick road to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. The Andover Leisure Centre float will feature Dorothy (in real life, studio instructor, Lucillia Holder), the Tin Man (swim school coordinator, Tammy Dewhurst), the Lion  (Lisa Stevens from customer services) and the Scarecrow (played by lifeguard Ed Peszkowski).