‘Move More, Feel Better’ They Say…

Apr 12, 2024 | Blog


‘Move More, Feel Better’ They Say…

Apr 12, 2024 | Blog

We’re delighted to present an article written by our dedicated Centre Manager, Ann, who personifies the spirit of the I Can Therapy Centre and has a profound understanding of the emotions it evokes.

“Moving more is easier said than done, especially when coping with a long-term health condition, enduring constant pain from muscle and joint issues, feeling unsteady on your feet and fearing falls, experiencing deteriorating eyesight or hearing, which can contribute to social isolation, or simply feeling the weight of advancing age. 

Simply managing to leave the house can be a daunting task. From getting out of bed and into the car or navigating public transport, to arriving at the I Can Therapy Centre.

Now, add on the complexities of wheelchairs, walking aids, mobility scooters, or depending on care support from either family or an agency. It can feel like the equivalent to running a marathon or scaling Mount Everest before the moment program even begins. 

This is what our customers do week after week, dedicated to improving their strength, mobility and balance, whilst enjoying the social interaction alongside it. 

Engaging in activities that bring a smile to your face can transform a chore into joy, motivating you to stay proactive, propelling you up that mountain! 

It is crucial to enhance everyday functions such as standing up from a chair, reaching into a cupboard, taking out the rubbish, opening the front door, and navigating the stairs. These seemingly small actions often go unnoticed, but they can determine whether one lives independently or requires care. 

Quality of life and self-worth are invaluable”.

The I Can Therapy Centre provides individuals with the chance to ‘Move More, Feel Better’. For more information, visit their website here.